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Our language school offers all enquirers the chance of communicating in a foreign language. Both in our name and our work we desire to be a school of prospects and achievable goals.

Our teachers and staff are motivated. Working together for almost 20 years, the successfulness of the team is guaranteed by professional know-how, experience and adaptability.

The essence of our method is for language students to come into contact with the foreign language in the way most appropriate for them. Our aim is to teach the language not for itself, but for its utility. We believe we can only achieve our common objectives by humanising language teaching.

Language examinations


We have been a language examination venue since the inception of our activities. We have always tried to market exams where the sense of achievement is not overshadowed by the performance. For almost twenty years, therefore, we have been offering ETS professional business tests and English for Business (link), the LCCI (London Chamber of Commerce and Industry link) English business exam, recognised internationally as well as here in Hungary. Our newest exam is the modern, third generation DExam (link) developed by the University of Debrecen, which several thousand have taken here since 2009.

Translation, interpreting

forditasOur translation agency has all the modern technical translation tools available for fulfilling our orders, while also devoting particular attention to human skills and relationships. Over the ten years of our operations as an agency, we have developed our processes in such a way that both our clients and vendors know and feel that they can count on us – in quality work, there is always a place for the human factor. The success of our approach is proven by the long-term collaboration established with numerous clients. Please allow us to prove our competence to you, too!



Our training branch offers quick and effective help to workers in the business environment.

The overwhelming majority of the employees of companies operative in Hungary speak the English used in business processes as a foreign language. During our skills development courses and workshops given in English, the majority by expert trainers who are native speakers, there is a pronounced emphasis on the support and purposeful development of using the foreign language.

We believe that we must provide all our clients with the guarantee of opportunity and quality which hallmarks our name. Our catchword: Language for Business Excellence!

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Language for Business Excellence

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