COLOPLAST PDC- Angol szintfelmérő

Kedves Hallgató!
Kérjük, szíveskedjen kitölteni kérdőívünket, mely az alábbi 3 részből áll.
1. Jelentkezés, személyes adatok
2. Szintfelmérés
A tesztíráshoz semmilyen segédeszközt ne használjon. Ha a válaszadást túlzottan nehéznek találja, ne találgasson, hagyja abba a kitöltést. A teljes teszt megírására 30 perc áll rendelkezésre.

    ************************ I. JELENTKEZÉS, SZEMÉLYES ADATOK ************************

    1. A jelentkező neve

    2. Jelentkező céges e-mail címe

    3. Jelentkező telefonszáma (amelyen munkaidőben elérhető, formátum: 36201234567; egyben, szóközök nélkül)

    4. Vállalatnál betöltött pozíciója

    5. Melyik épületben dolgozik?
    Búzavirág utca7-es épületPDC (Kerék utca)

    6. Tanult már valaha angolt? 'Nem' válasz esetén, kérjük, görgessen az űrlap végére és kattinson a 'Beküldés' gombra!
    ************************ II. SZINTFELMÉRŐ TESZT ************************

    7. A: Is this the right place for British Airways? B: Yes, it _____.
    isn’tareis itis

    8. Roger is _____ Switzerland.

    9. A: Do you smoke? B: No, I _____.
    don’t’m notnotdoesn’t

    10. A: _____ does he work? B: In a hospital.

    11. How _____ do they play golf?

    12. Are there _____ messages for me?

    13. I’m afraid I can’t _____ the meeting at three.
    to makemademakemaking

    14. He _____ in when I rang.

    15. Henry _____ school at fifteen.
    has leftleaveleftleaved

    16. A: When _____ he phone? B: At around three.

    17. How _____ time off do you get a year?

    18. It’s hotter today _____ yesterday.

    19. I go to work _____ foot.

    20. I _____ on an important project at the moment.
    going to workworkedwork’m working

    21. I _____ the report yet. I need a couple more hours.
    didn’t finishdon’t finishhaven’t finished’m not finishing

    22. I _____ a profit this year.
    set upmadedidran

    23. A: Can I have extension 315? B: I’ll just _____ you through.

    24. Could I _____ a message?

    25. A: What’s he like? B: He _____
    works for the National Bank of Poland.’s the Public Relations Manager.’s a nice man.plays golf.

    26. A: How do you do? B: _____
    Pleased to meet you.I’m pleased too.Nice to have met you.Good to see you too.

    27. Who _____ the first e-mail?
    did senddid happensentwas sent

    28. I’ll _____ with the e-mail straight away.

    29. It’s the _____ meal I’ve ever eaten!
    expensive thanmore expensiveexpensivestmost expensive

    30. I’ll have breakfast sent _____ to your room.
    upout ofinat

    31. Prices have remained _____ in the first quarter.

    32. I’m writing to _____ the refund for damaged goods.

    33. 35,000 people _____ in the last five years.
    were been laid offlay offare laid offhave been laid off

    34. It cost one hundred euros! What a complete _____ of money.

    35. He _____ me that he was happy in his new department.

    36. We _____ less time travelling, if we worked from home.
    spend’d spendwould spentare spending

    37. Does the conference centre have internet _____?

    38. Sorry, I didn’t _____ that. Could you say it again?
    not withexplaincatchmiss

    39. Would you mind _____ , please?
    not to smokenot smokingdidn’t smokingif not smoking

    40. You _____ be tired after your long journey.

    41. I agree with you up to a _____.

    42. _____ I thought everyone knew.
    Won’t you hear?Haven’t you heard?Didn’t you hear?Aren’t you hearing?

    43. Let’s move _____ to the next point of my presentation.

    44. I’m sorry, but can I just _____ in here?

    45. So, let’s sum _____ what we’ve discussed so far.

    46. I _____ from you.
    look forward to hearlooking forwards to hearinglook forward to hearinglook forwards for hearing

    47. How are things _____ you?

    48. I think it’s _____ of fish with cream and white wine.

    49. I’m sorry for the _____ in getting back to you with the quote.

    50. I suggested _____ the whole thing forward by a week.
    bringingto bringthat bringwe bringing

    51. With _____ I think that’s a little too low.

    52. _____ no see. You haven’t changed a bit!
    Long timeLong waitLong listenLong view

    53. Are you saying they’ve fallen _____ of projections again?

    54. It was a very _____ meeting in the end.

    55. I’ve just _____ a job with Bill Gates!

    56. Can I get hold _____ the organisers?